Capricorn Products LLC develops and produces immunodiagnostic raw materials and matched, ready-to-use components for use by in-vitro diagnostic, biotechnology, and veterinary diagnostic test kit manufacturers.

Key to the successful characterization and production of the components and reagents used in various tests is our ability to consult and collaborate with our customers in all phases of product introduction from assay development to manufacturing and quality control. Our goal is to operate as a virtual partner with our customers.  As a result, our customers view us as an innovative and highly responsive supplier, with a well-honed ability to customize products to exacting standards. Other values we bring to this partnership include:

  • A company culture that places a premium on customer satisfaction and collaborative problem solving.
  • Strong manufacturing controls rooted in ISO Quality System standards and FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Clear understanding of the unique characteristics of different raw materials, and the idiosyncrasies of various test methods, and how to apply this technical expertise to resolve problems.
  • Production in sufficient quantities to provide competitive pricing, timely delivery, and specific reserves that may be drawn upon to meet your customer demand or minimum inventory requirements.
  • Ownership of the same analytical test equipment used by our customers to ensure adherence to specifications and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Ownership of farm operations and production herd to control the quality of our raw materials and finished goods.