Capricorn becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Nittobo America Inc.

July 29, 2019

To Our Valued Business Partners:

Nittobo America Inc, Murrieta, CA, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Capricorn Products LLC, Portland, ME, effective June 25, 2019.

We expect that this acquisition will have minimal impact in our current business operations, and will result in a unified and strengthened Nittobo America Inc.  Capricorn Products LLC will continue to operate under the same business name, and their facilities and staff will remain in place in Portland, Maine.  In addition, Jane Havey, Capricorn’s President has become a Senior Vice President of Nittobo America Inc. in charge of Capricorn business further growth.  All Nittobo America Inc business units shall continue their dedication to serving the medical IVD reagent manufacturing industry while preserving the cultures of successful and highly respected bulk polyclonal antisera and human based calibrators/control sera suppliers.

This acquisition will allow our valued business partners to gain efficiencies by providing access to three established product brands.  There will be no change in the manufacturing process or manufacturing sites of Nittobo America Inc., you will continue to have a choice in receiving high quality products manufactured at the IIC brand production facility located in Murrieta, CA, the MBC brand production facility located in Boone, IA, and the Capricorn Products brand from the production facility located in Portland, ME.

Nittobo America Inc. values its business relationships with you, and will continue to emphasize product quality, business integrity, and customer service and satisfaction.  We will update you regularly as our post acquisition implementation plan is implemented.   Please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing and Sales Department with any questions or to learn more about this exciting announcement.

Thank you for your continued support!

Kind Regards,


Tatsuo (Tony) Sakae                                      Jane K. Havey

 President/COO                                             President


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