Capricorn Products LLC develops and produces immunodiagnostic raw materials for use by in-vitro diagnostic, biotechnology, and veterinary diagnostic test kit manufacturers. The Company also selectively distributes unique antibodies and antigens for its customers.

Manufactured Products

Capricorn’s manufactured product lines include polyclonal antibodies for a line of serum proteins for nephelometric and tubidimetric uses; human serum based controls and reference calibrators; and selected antigens and polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for tumor markers, cardiac markers and hormones for EIA, FIA, CLIA, RIA, latex and membrane applications. Customized production lots of monospecific antisera for turbidimetry and nephelometry are available in lots up to 150 liters. Purified monoclonal antibodies, affinity purified antibodies, and enzyme and fluorescent dye-conjugated antibodies can be manufactured in multiple gram lots.

OEM Products

As part of its core product line of serum proteins for nephelometric and turbidimetric assays, Capricorn manufactures OEM reagents produced to customer specifications.

Distributed Products

Although Capricorn’s primary business is internally-produced antibody lines, we frequently source unique antibodies and antigens for our customers from specialty suppliers whose capabilities are well-understood by us. Prerequisite to our engagement with these suppliers is an understanding of their internal quality systems, and capacity to provide lot-to-lot consistency, on-time delivery, and long-term supply at the volumes required. We have cultivated, long-standing relationships with these carefully chosen suppliers, and through distributor pricing, offer these products at competitive prices..